Duckling And Peep

Size: 9 inches tall by 7 inches wide

I remember when we were kids for some reason it was tradition to get a live chick or a duckling for Easter. And boy, I'm going back a few years on this one! And once they began to grow we had to give them away and were told they lived happily ever after on a farm! This bit of nostalgia is brought to life in Peter's creation of a sweet duckling and chick at Easter. Standing in a beautifully carved basket with a bow decorating the basket handle. The basket weave was all carved by hand and is incredibly intricate. The basket is only highlighted with paint on some of the bands and the rest left unpainted to show the beauty of American chestnut wood. Both characters have the sweetest look on their faces too. There are two eggs in the basket nestled on a grassy bed made by chestnut wood shavings. Duckling & Chick's feet are made from copper wire, sheeting and some secret stuff by the artist. Another painstaking process. This is a wonderful childhood memory keepsake.

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