Located in western Pennsylvania artist Peter Bretz gives new life to the wood of the American chestnut tree through his American Chestnut Carvings. Peter has been actively carving for 20 years. He is self taught and truly blessed with this talent. His style is Americana and his creations are all about nature with a whimsical touch. Lots of expression and wood grain are present in each wood carving. The carvings are painted but sanded lightly so the wood grain is visible. An antique finish is applied as a final touch.

Peter has a deep admiration for the American chestnut tree as it once dominated the forests of eastern United States. It wasn't an ordinary tree as it grew to heights of 100 feet or more and measured five to eight feet in diameter. They were known as the redwoods of the east coast. Unfortunately, the American chestnut tree suffered from blight in the early 1900's and never recovered. Billions of trees were affected and were completely desimated by this blight. All that is left today for Peter's wood carvings are remnants. The American chestnut wood was so plentiful it was used heavily in construction of every kind, especially homes and barns prior to the turn of the century. Reclaimed American chestnut is Peter's only source of wood available today for his American Chestnuts Carvings.