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Spooky Girl

Size: 12 inches tall by 12 inches long
$ 825 / SOLD
She's back! Beware of the witch of the season, she's on her midnight ride and will cast a spell on anyone who crosses her path! Hand carved from American chestnut with great detail. She has the most frightening look and a face only a mother could love. She is truly in flight on her corn broom and is mounted on a stand with an antique copper flashing base with carved pumpkins and vine that are copper leafed. There is so much more detail from her steel wool hair, the wart on her chin, her favorite spider brooch and the laces on her shiny boots to mention a few. She has a more greenish tint to her complexion, the photos don't portray. A small pumpkin basket hangs from her wrist with a twisted copper wire handle. She's definitely a real treat!